Raise Awareness
Among Parents

school kids walking

To advocate for the rights of all students and parents within the Durham District School Board (DDSB)

school kids walking

Durham Parents United is an organization consisting of parents from all backgrounds

of race, faith and creed that share a common concern, to maintain the innocence of our children and to make Durham public schools a place of learning and not propagating certain lifestyles.

We are committed to advocating for policies that promote and protect parental rights

including the right to consent to any and all education curricula.


Parental Autonomy

We believe that parents have the right to make decisions concerning the upbringing and well-being of their children, and that the government should respect and support these decisions. 


Informed Consent

We believe that parents should be fully informed about any medical treatments, vaccinations, or educational curricula that may affect their child, and that they should have the right to provide or withhold consent based on this information.


Family Values

We believe that families are the
foundation of society, and that strong,
healthy families are essential for the
well-being of children and

Empower parents to be active and informed participants in their child’s life

We will work to ensure that parents are informed about their legal rights

We believe that parents, educators, healthcare providers, and other professionals should work together


Empower Families
For Strong Communities

We raise awareness among parents and society

at large about the importance of parental rights and the need to protect them.